Colorado Veterans Monument
Denver, Colorado

The Colorado Veterans Monument today.
The Memorial viewed to the northwest.
The Memorial viewed to the northwest.

Carefully inserted into the Colorado Veterans Monument in Denver, the new Fallen Heroes Memorial will honor those Colorado citizens who gave their lives in the service of our country in the six conflicts since World War I.


The Monument holds a special place within the State and in Denver’s Civic Center, located on axis with the State Capitol Building and the City and County Building. The Fallen Heroes Memorial will become an element within the Monument that is simultaneously both new and a part of the original. An 8 foot by 16 foot, by 7 foot high red sandstone cenotaph, the Memorial will form the west “wall” of the courtyard in the existing Monument, opposite the stone obelisk, and facing the state Capitol. Six gray granite tablets on its east face will commemorate the six wars, with a gray granite flower ledge beneath them.


The work for the new Memorial also includes a bosk of ornamental trees in the Monument’s central planter, and two rows of shade trees flanking its edges. The Memorial is anticipated for completion in 2013.


The Fallen Heroes Memorial was designed in collaboration with the original competition-winning-- and award-winning-- designers of the Colorado Veterans Monument, Robert Root, FAIA and Richard Farley, FAIA.