University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Dwire Hall, before transformation

Dwire Hall, the first new academic building on the original UCCS campus, was constructed in 1972. Although Dwire had an extensive history of interior remodeling, the exterior of the building had changed very little during its first 33 years of existence. The building was a creature of the architectural fashion of its time, characterized predominately by poured concrete walls and narrow, dark glass windows. The renovation of the building resulted in the new headquarters of the College of Business, along with other academic uses. 


The entire interior of the building was removed down to the structure and reconfigured. The image of the building was completely transformed with an addition that spans across the front of it. The glass-enclosed, three story atrium space creates a lighter, fresher appearance and responds to the University’s programmatic requirement for “soft spaces” inside: study lounges and other areas designed for informal encounters. A prominent new entry is positioned to be highly visible from all approaches.  The study lounge opens to a large terrace on the west side of the building.


The east end of the addition also has three stories, with a reception/lobby space for an auditorium on the first floor, for use as a major function room, available to the entire university. Spaces include tiered “case rooms” of different sizes, typical flat-floor classrooms and department and faculty offices. The building has contemporary smart-classroom technology that can be updated as information technologies evolve.




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